Helfer Sinnox

A Human Cleric of Calistria, origin unknown.


STR 14 (2) DEX 12 (1) CON 12 (1) INT 10 (0) WIS 19 (4) CHA 14 (2)

HP 32

AC 21, FF 20, Touch 11 FORT +7, REF +4, WILL +10

Cleric 6, Human Med. Male, NC. 21 y.o., 5’9”.


Helfer’s earliest memories were of a far away village. He was raised as a Cleric of Sarenrae under the auspices of a supposedly good Cleric. On returning from a ceremonial manhood quest which had actually turned into a life-or-death struggle with Undead, Helfer was unjustly imprisoned. He managed to escape, and eventually found himself transported through a mysterious Portal to Korvosa. His only boyhood friends, the only link with his past, dead or worse, he moved onward into this strange city with a pyramid at its centre. Maybe he’d find the answers he sought here.

As to what caused his worship to shift from Sarenrae to Calistria, this is a secret which Helfer hopes to take to his grave.

Helfer Sinnox

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