Cambiassa Sousa

Lictor Cambiassa Of The Temple Of Abadar


STATS: STR (11) INT (10) DEX (12) CON (12) WIL (18) CHR (16)

AC: 24 HP: 51 Fortitude: 8 Reflex: 5 Will: 11 Alignment: Secret..yeah right! Lawful-Neutral


Little is known of the background of Cambiassa Sousa, he arrived in Korvosa as a member of the temple of Abadar. He appears to have strong ties within the church and firm beliefs in the laws of society to further improve civilization as you would expect from a worshipper of Abadar. Just may be others within the party have deeper knowledge of Cambiassa, but as yet no firm evidence to support it.

He has maintained the relationships and built trust with both priests of Torag and Asmodeus, but is all as it seems…..

Cambiassa Sousa

Curse of the Crimson Throne Cambiassa