Curse of the Crimson Throne

Harsing Around

Harse Biscuits

Brinkley found Gunta Tor to be guilty of coke dealing. He has been secured in Harse’s prison by a paladin of Abadar, Sir Oliver, Knight of the Golden Fist and his Squire David.

The legendary swordsman Vencarlo Orisini has been left as Mayor of the town. While perhaps not in his prime he offers a trusted face to this divided community. How long will these opposing figures of the church and the scoundrel work together for the good of the much tested people of Harse.

The now leaderless Green Men have been offered acceptance, work and shelter from the new Mayor Vencarlo.

The party along with Zon-Kuthonite Talia and Seneschal of Castle Korvosa Neolandus Kalenpopolis finally began their journey to Kaer Maga, Asylum Stone, The City of Strangers. Their route crossed a caravan of Varisian gypsies fleeing from Korvosa. Thier livelihoods were recovered from some hill giants while an old Chelish outpost of the Everwar was discovered habouring disease and starvation based tatics of the Chels against the local population of Varisians and Shoanti. This Outpost indicated the location of an ancient armoury on the Storval Plateau.

The party then committed some crimes against roleplaying at the chintzy Pick and Shovel, notorious tourist trap of Janderhoff.

The party now follows the bizarre dreams of a half-elf priestess of Zon-Kuthon, who may hold the only key to combating Queen Ileosa. Whilst they also protect the Seneschal, the only person left with any legal leverage over the Queen.

The route will take us through Sirathu, finally reaching the land of the outsider, The Hex, Kaer Maga.


Harse + Graal = enter Llanlis.

Harsing Around

Who’s Llanlis?

Harsing Around

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